A Cold Winter for Stocks: Update

Mar 6, 2009

By proceeding, I acknowledge that I have read and understood the Disclosure and Copywrite Statements.

In my Year End Review, I predicted that the capital markets would present historic challenges for investors in 2009.  Though my writings have been plenty fervent for more than two years, that quote may go down in history as an understatement.  It could be analogous to the weather man forecasting a severe winter storm and getting a blizzard….worthy of Everest!  My sincere hope is that non-client readers have heeded my warnings and taken cover.  Catamount Capital’s Managed Portfolios continue to survive the onslaught.  Here are the results through the end of February 2009.

2008           2009

Catamount Managed Portfolios                 -2.66%          -1.11%

S&P 500 Index                                         -38.49%        -18.62%

Dow Jones Industrial Average                 -33.84%        -19.52%

The S&P 500 closed today down -56.3% from its all-time high on October 11, 2007 – chilling numbers for buy and hold investors.

Consider unwinding the “buy and hold” brainwash and finding an investment manager who “gets it.”  Admittedly, that is no easy task in today’s myopic investment world!  Read my February 22, 2009 comments.

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